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A Fairy-like Mind

with a Dragon-like Heart

6 October 1974
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i like a multiude of different things, from books and movies to table top gaming and video games...im in the process of going back to school, yes im 35 but who cares, for cosmetology...im a full figured woman in the process of getting healthier...however i will not ever be ultra or model thin...i have red hair yes it comes from a box, though it should have been natural damnit, shoulder length...i am separated from my husband and will be getting a divorce as we make better friends than a couple...i have three beautiful children, Betta 14, Rowan 12 and Willow 4 yrs and i cant have any more of my own...yes by choice...i love gaming, playin cards as well many other type of games...i love to read and watch movies, tv shows like csi, las vegas, crossing jordan etc...i enjoy being on my puter as well...both surfin the net and playin games, being on LJ...the more i read the more i consider myself pagan, but as i am still new to my path i do not claim to be wiccan, i have been called a christian friendly pagan and i have had friends call me a pagan friendly christian, regardless i respect other faiths...during the summer the i take the kids to throughbred park and triangle park to play in the fountains, i love #1 China Buffet in Crossroads plaza, and i like to shop lol...lets see, fav authors are dean koontz and anne mccaffery, my fav actors are angelina jolie, nick cage and vin diesel, i love flowers and chinese food...

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